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SOLAR POWER : The foremost effective solution for controlling Carbon Footprint

SOLAR POWER : The foremost effective solution for controlling Carbon Footprint

“Carbon footprint” is one of the phrases that had made its way in our daily discussions from the climate analysis papers.  As we tend to grow a lot of privy to our surroundings, it happened naturally.


What is a carbon footprint?


Carbon footprint is nothing but the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. It is the result of the activities carried on by a specific individual, community, or organization. One can calculate his carbon footprint which equals the sum of all emissions of CO2 (carbon dioxide) induced by your activities in a given time frame (typically one year).


Transportation, consumption of fuels, manufacturing of goods, are some of the activities that emit greenhouse gases on a large scale. It is not that only commercial activities contribute towards carbon footprint. Some routine activities also contribute towards carbon footprint. For example, driving to the shopping mall burns a certain amount of fuel, and fossil fuels are the primary sources of greenhouse gases. But that grocery store is powered by electricity and its employees also drove to the work, thus the store has its carbon footprint. Hence, from large scale to small daily necessities like cooking food and turning on the light, everything contributes to the carbon footprint. Till 2019, the daily CO2 emission level stood at 409.8 ppm (parts per million) globally.



Facing facts: Activities that contribute at least 1 kg of CO2 to the environment:


  • Production of 5 plastic bags
  • Manufacturing of 2 plastic bottles
  • A 7-mile journey by public transportation
  • 32 hours of personal computer usage


With the increase in population, it will soon spread beyond the safety levels. Records show that China, India, and United States rank at the top in CO2 emission. They are estimated to project approximately 70% of global CO2 emissions in the future. With the boom in population, India’s CO2 emission is increasing by 2.7% every year.


Quite shocking right? Don’t panic. We can do many small things to reduce our CO2 emissions like:

  • Abandoning the use of certain items like plastics, etc.
  • Reducing wastage of energy by switching off lights and other appliances when not in use.
  • Replacing the car by biking or walking 
  • Buy organic food
  • Maximize the use of natural energy.


So, taking preventive measures only could not stop the spread of growing carbon footprint. To reduce and eliminate carbon footprint, it is important to change the source of energy, which is one of the reasons behind CO2 emission. We need to have our focus on solar energy as a feasible replacement for conventional energy. Solar energy is globally accepted as it is easy to install, affordable, and requires less maintenance.


Solar Power is the KEY


The effects of increasing carbon footprint are not so elusive a question anymore. We all are aware of how our environment and society are paying for continued fossil fuel usage. Although the concept of solar energy wasn’t new, we just had wasted time in thinking that the continuous and potential usage of fossil fuels outweighs its dangers.


Now, as we know how conventional energy usage choices are the primary causes of greenhouse gas emissions, selecting solar energy can help to cut down the carbon footprint of a household almost by half. Solar panels can generate power with least or zero emissions. The generated power can be used to feed the energy demand. It can perfectly replace conventional energy needs with green energy. Green energy is capable of reducing carbon footprints annually. 1 Kilowatt of green energy is capable of reducing 3000 pounds carbon footprint annually. So, every year even a 5KW solar plant can save approximately 15000 pounds of CO2 by making a huge contribution in protecting our environment from global warming and other related issues. With the investment in solar energy, you can reduce the usage of fossil fuels.


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